Consultation & Pricing

Firstly, consultations are free  (and free of pressure).  I have been in your position, only you know if you want to make this investment.  I will answer your questions and give you as much information as you need.  I want you to leave me counting the hours until your install.

Consultations are incredibly important as at this time we will discuss your hair, needs and expectations.  I will color and texture match your hair and show you the different kinds of hair available.


Lets put it like this; if you knew you had to wear a pair of shoes 24 hours a day for possibly the next 18 months - would you buy the $20 pair or the most expensive you could afford?  As in everything in life - you get what you pay for and hair is no exception.

For volume the price starts at $750 - $1500

For length the price starts at $1500 - $3000

Remember, this initial price is the highest as you are investing in the hair which should last you up to 18 months (if you look after it as instructed).  From then on you come approximately every three months for your maintenance where we re-string with a new coil and move the extension back up to the top.

I have worked out that for a full head of extensions the up-keep works out at about $6.00 a day - can you give up your daily coffee for the hair you’ve always wanted?!

N.B.  I know there is hair available on the web at silly prices, but as I said above - "you get what you pay for".  Cheap hair will look good for 2 weeks maximum and then you will have a head full of Barbie hair.

See "About" page for exact information.


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